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j1 consulting

Britain's Armed Forces are the envy of the world. J1 Consulting catches this talent as it moves into or within the commercial world and deploys into some of the world's best organisations. Who are we? We are a talent management consultancy specialising in matching the best ex-forces talent with careers offered by UK and international clients. We use our deep experience of both the Armed Forces and business to satisfy our clients' recruiting needs by linking them with appropriate and available ex military talent.

Their website is at: www.j1consulting.co.uk email: i.herron@j1consulting.co.uk



Artemis Partners was founded on the premise of helping those who have served our country by using the credibility and cachet of the Armed Forces to find employment

We are passionate about optimising our significant knowledge of both the Forces and the Corporate world, to help make a tangible difference to your lives. By exploiting our powerful network we look to fulfilling our clients recruiting needs, linking them with suitable, high calibre Ex Military Personnel.

We can guide you in making the transition from the Services to the civilian world in the way that suits you and to assist you obtain the right sort of appointment. We joined forces after realising that we were motivated and capable of working harder for you than other Headhunters.

AGC Service Leavers can register their details at: www.artemispartners.co

Or by sending an Email to Russell Girling at: russell@artemispartners.co or Simon Roffey at: simon@artemispartners.co

You can also follow Artemis on: facebooklinkedin


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