Lady Grover's Fund

Lady Grover was the wife of a British General serving in India at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries.  In 1911, she set up a fund to help officers’ families to meet the unforeseen costs of healthcare.  The Fund is run from London with the stated purpose: “Lady Grover's Fund is a Friendly Society which supports officers' wives, husbands, widows, widowers and children. We can make contributions towards hospital fees, home nursing, and domestic home help following illness or injury.”  It has about 3,000 members.  Look at the eligibility criteria for detail, but in essence the officer has to hold or have held a full-time commission for a minimum of 5 years.  The annual membership fee is £40 and people need to have been members for 6 months before they can make a claim.  The Fund is for officers’ dependents – not the officer themselves – and provides four levels of benefit: temporary nursing care in hospital/nursing home; temporary employment of a qualified nurse at home; convalescence under medical advice; and temporary home help.  Here is the website:

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